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Landscape Study

Over the summer of 2020, we carried out a project wherein we consolidated the views of the various stakeholders in Singapore's Space Ecosystem. In this report, we raise the diverse opinions of companies and experts from all levels of Singapore's space ecosystem. Use this report to understand what Singapore's space players feel about the opportunities and challenges she has ahead of her. Space is still heavily reliant on government actors and large companies, who chart a country's course in space by setting effective policy and implementing supportive measures. In order to do so, a holistic approach needs to be taken - one which includes diverse viewpoints and detailed analysis.

At the Space Policy Unit, our diverse range of members discuss space-related topics which affect Singapore and the region around us. We also publish our work so that they can be used by interested parties to push humanity forward the ongoing space revolution.

Reach out to us if you're interested in working with us on developing space policy papers about pertinent issues.

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About Us

SEDS is the largest student-run space organisation in the world, with a presence in 23 countries. It is a chapter-based non-profit promoting space exploration and development through student-led engineering projects, events and programmes. Prominent SEDS alumni include Jeff Bezos, Steve Wozniak and Peter Diamandis. NUS SEDS and SEDS-NTU are constituent clubs of SEDS Earth and SEDS Singapore.

Our Projects

High Altitude Balloon Experiment

In 2020, we plan to send a balloon up into the atmosphere. This is an exciting project for space enthusiasts. We're looking for tinkerers and innovators.

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Sounding Rocket

A sounding rocket is a rocket used to carry payloads into the higher atmosphere. By 2022, we aim to build a sounding rocket - the first of its kind in Southeast Asia - and launch it successfully. A one-of-a-kind project, the sounding rocket promises to be a technically challenging and intellectually stimulating venture for all invovled.

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